Botanical Medicine

Some of my favorites

The common name is lemon balm and is of the mint family, and is a versatile plant and is used for many things. One of the things I think of when I think of Melissa is its use for anxiety, stress, and nervous tension; that feeling of “the last straw”. It is beneficial for the heart where there are palpitations with panic that has a buzzy feeling. it has been used as a mild emmenagogue to help promote late menstruation as well as relieve mild menstrual cramping. Recently, it has been researches extensively for its anti-viral properties, especially in conjunction with herpes 1 and 2 which is the virus of cold sores and genital herpes. When taken regularly, can prevent future outbreaks.

Melissa officinalis

Common name is lady’s mantle and of the Rosaceae family. It is the herb of the alchemists and is know for the dew that it carries on its leaves. It is most known for its use with the female and male reproductive systems.  It is used as a tonic that is high in minerals and is similar in its use to that of raspberry. It helps to heal discharge, UTI and bladder infections. It was used in the ancient times for sagging breast where they would use poultices on them.

Alchemilla vulgaris

Common name is licorice and of the pea family. Of all the herbs Glycyrrhiza is the most versatile and most used. It is one of the peacemaker herbs that helps all of the other herbs work more effectively together. It is a demulcent which helps sooth mucous .membranes. It can help relive scratchy dry throats and dry irritating coughs. It soothes inflammation in the digestive tract and is commonly used for all types of ulcers and is helpful with constipation and dry hard stools to help gently loosen then. It has antiviral and antibacterial qualities. It is adaptogenic and helps with low cortisol levels. Use cautiously with high blood pressure as it can elevate it.

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Common name is devil’s club and is from the family Araliaceae/ginseng. Used by native americans as a tea for kidney disorders, mental illness, stress and to stimulate the immune system. As a powder, they would use it as a talc and deodorant. More recently, it is know for its adaptogenic properties and used in times of stress as well as insulin resistant type 2 diabetes, rheumatiod arthritis and general immune strengthening.

Oplopanax horridus

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Sambucus nigra