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Welcome! Dr. Lisa, a Naturopathic doctor specializing in regenerative medicine/injection therapy (Prolotherapy), is here to help you with your medical concerns. My goal is to help you find ways to manage your health and pain in a way that is not overwhelming to you. I strives to make your treatments work for you. I understand that every person is different, so my goal is to tailor treatments to your individual needs.

I are excited to be a part of your healthcare team to help you on your journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

To schedule an appointment, please call (253) 777-3776. You can also click here to schedule.

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“Nature Always Wears the Colors of the Spirit”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


About Lisa Ballantyne

Dr Lisa Ballantyne ND


I received my Naturopathic Doctoral degree at Bastyr University. Prior to my studies in Naturopathic medicine, I enjoyed a fulfilling career as a Veterinary technician, licensed massage therapist, Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner, business owner and Co-Founder of a non-profit animal sanctuary. I continue to build my skills in becoming a healer and doctor to my community and am currently in my second year of training with Tyna Moore ND, DC in regenerative injection therapies (Prolotherapy). I believe anyone can “shoot juice”in a joint, but it takes skill to really find the pain generators. I am dedicated to continually honing my skills to provide the best service to my patients.

In my clinical practice, I specialize in the treatment of Acute and chronic pain using injection therapies as well as diet and lifestyle in order to decrease inflammation in the body. I also work with type 2 diabetes, Thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto’s, women’s health, menopause and do physical medicine. My goal is to utilize my skills to optimize the foundations of health and to see my patients thriving and getting back doing the things they love most.

Prior to medical school, I received a degree in mathematics from Southern Utah University. I utilized my degree in a career in computer sciences and as a college professor in computer science. My analytical, mathematics-based training has provided me a foundation for my clinical training as a primary care physician. I have continued to foster my love of education as a result, I am continually learning about new research and healing methods to provide my patients with the best possible outcomes for their health.

When I am not studying or doing clinical work, I love being outdoors, whether it is being with my horse and best friend Red or enjoying taking photographs, kayaking, road cycling, hiking, gardening, sharing time with my cats, Scrawny and Eliot, as well as family and friends.

I would love to work with you in a way that works for you. Whether it is preventative care or improving your existing health. Click here to get started booking an appointment.

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